Men’s and women’s jewellery features among products range.

Versace has launched its online flagship store in the UK – as well as France and Germany – featuring ready-to-wear luxury goods including costume jewellery for women and men.

The site is said to combine state-of-the-art technology with Donatella Versace’s “personal and distinctive rock aesthetic and spirit”. The e-commerce site launch is part of the brand’s development in the digital sphere and will be a base for apps and microsites in the future.


Donatella Versace said: “Versace is all about boldness and glamour so I am thrilled we are able to convey this with our new e-commerce site. Online shopping has never been so sexy and fun.”

The site is said to feature Donatella Versace’s personal input “everywhere”, and includes a section called Donatella’s Hot Picks – her style selection from the Versace collections – and the My Versace space, where she invites visitors to create their own collection choices using filters to personalise their online shopping to tie in with their moods and interests.

The web design has been inspired by the new architectural concept for the Versace flagship stores by architect Jamie Fobert, which will be unveiled with the opening of Versace’s new SoHo boutique in New York in October.

A number of features have been translated from the store concept to the e-commerce site including the mosaic background pattern and graphic elements such as circles, squares and bold colours.

Versace will oversee all aspects of the site, rather than outsourcing its running, so that it maintains control over its digital image and sales strategy, as well as over its merchandising and marketing activities.

The brand has, however, hired Netrada to help operate its back-office functions. Netrada will manage the technology-related aspects as well as the logistics of fulfilment of the order placed on the site.

Netrada, which is headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in the USA and China, has the infrastructure for a global rollout of the Versace e-commerce offer.

Versace also said that the new e-commerce site “paves the way for the launch of Versace-dedicated microsites and apps in the near future”.

Gian Giacomo Ferraris, chief executive of Versace, added: “There is growing excitement around the Versace brand, and we can’t open stores fast enough.

“That’s why I’m so excited that, starting tomorrow, a lot more people will have access to the world of Versace. We have ambitious roll out plans, as we intend to make our products accessible to most of the world in the next 12 to 18 months. Stay tuned.”

Versace will launch its online store in the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria on October 17.


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