Jewellery trade show Vicenzaoro has partnered with CIBJO, Trendvision and IGI to launch a digital business hub for the international jewellery community.

Launching today, the joint venture will give jewellery professionals from all over the world access to a series of webinars.

Webcams will be switched on at 3 pm this afternoon (May 22) for professionals to watch ‘Jewellery Industry Voices’, the first of four weekly appointments organised in partnership with CIBJO, a partner that Vicenzaoro has been collaborating with for over 10 years to promote sustainability and best practices in the jewellery industry. The debate will focus on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mining sector, the communities connected to it and the supply chain that fuels the jewellery industry from both an economic and social point of view.


Speaking will be Feriel Zerouki, Senior vice president of international & ethical initiatives at De Beers Group; Peter Karakchiev, head of the international relations department for ALROSA; and Estelle Levin-Nally, founder of Levin Sources.

Furthermore, three videos will be released in collaboration with Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting. These will be live on a monthly basis until July.

The first of the series will take place on Monday, May 25 2pm, Monday, 25th May at 2 pm, with Trendvision presenting a focus on emerging consumer trends with particular attention on the Asian markets. The Jun 8 webinar will provide a preview of the company’s renowned Jewellery Trendbook 2022, whilst also exploring the long-term effects of the ongoing global health crisis and consumer values, while July 6 will deal with the concept of the ‘new normal’ and how to redefine classic products.

Space will also be given to the thousand facets of stones on May 28, June 17 and July 15 with a new series of Gem Talks, one of the most highly-appreciated formats at the more recent editions of Vicenzaoro which, thanks to the consolidated collaboration with IGI, manages to amaze by explaining the origins and peculiarities of both the more common and the more mysterious gems.

Further information on the webinar calendar and how to take part is available on the official Vicenzaoro website,

The next edition of Vicenzaoro will take place September 5-9, 2020.

Fine out how the trade show plans to keep visitors and exhibitors safe below:

Vicenzaoro releases extensive plan to keep exhibitors and visitors safe