VICENZAORO September 2017, Conferenza di Apertura e Taglio del Nastro - Vicenza 23/09/2017 Credits: Paolone/LaPresse

The Italian Exhibition Group will invest 35 million euros (£30m) in the renovation and development of its Vicenza trade show space as it looks to strengthen its position in the global jewellery industry.

The renovation will cover a total surface area of 26,000 square meters in Hall 2 of the venue.

The reconstructed Hall 2, which will be built on two levels instead of the current five, will be equipped with functional and sustainable technologies that will allow IEG to host more numerous and more diverse types of events, with particular attention being paid to meeting the needs and development of shows linked to the gold and jewellery industry, and especially Vicenzaoro.


Vicenza is today considered an international hub of indispensable importance for the jewellery world, with twice yearly Vicenzaoro shows serving as a leading platforms for high-end brands, as well as for the most skilled and qualified producers of gold and other jewellery products.

Over the past three years, despite unfavourable market dynamics, Vicenzaoro has been particularly successful in strengthening its role in Europe and the Middle East, becoming a dominant player in both regions.

A key element in Vicenzaoro’s most recent development was the investment made in the construction of Hall 7 at the Vicenza Exhibition Centre, which opened in 2015. By offering more expansive, more modern and more functional spaces, the new addition made it possible to re-plot the exhibitor map into communities, and activate what has become Vicenzaoro’s highly successful “The Boutique Show” format, attracting additional big name brands and drawing in thousands more of the world’s most prominent buyers.

What this means is that that occupancy levels at Vicenza Exhibition Centre have become extremely high, consistently equalling more than 98%, with exhibitor requests for stands continuing to grow.

Supported and intensified by IEG’s dynamic marketing, sales and communication teams, the company has projected strong ongoing growth for its products serving high-end jewellery brands, and the fashion jewellery and gemstone sectors, precipitating a need for this latest investment in the Vicenza Exhibition Centre.

The next major jewellery show in Vicenza will be Vicenzaoro September (VOS), which is scheduled to run September 22 to September 26, 2018.