Vicky Lew is presenting her debut collection as part of IJL’s Kickstarter programme today.

The collection, which she has named Flight, is described by Lew as “Fuelled by nature-inspired forms and the juxtaposition of these forms on the human body.”

Lew was in Malaysia but is now based in London. During her studies at Central St. Martins, she found found that living in close proximity to Hyde Park heightened her appreciation for the beauty of nature, particularly that of birds in flight. Her aspirations were to capture the drama and majesty of this transient moment in pieces of fine jewellery, she explains.


Ahead of the jewellery design process, Lew researched the movement of birds and the way artist Felice Varini captures them in his work. She was also inspired by the graffiti team Zebrating, and the way they use street railings as a canvas for their art.

Yellow Chrysolampis Mosquitus Ring - Vicky Lew London

The non-solid forms of the Flight pieces present images of birds in perspective-localised angles so that they appear to move as the jewellery is moved.

Pieces from this collection are made with Swarovski gemstones, pavé-set in palladium and 18ct yellow gold.

Vicky Lew London is at IJL stand T10A – upstairs in the Kickstarter area.

Thalurania Colombica Earrings (front) - Vicky Lew London

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