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Victoria McKay resigns from chief operating officer role at London Diamond Bourse


Victoria McKay has decided to step down from her position as chief operating officer of the London Diamond Bourse.

Following six years in the role, McKay has handed in her notice.

London Diamond Bourse president, Alan Cohen, shares: “It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude today that we announce Victoria McKay has given notice that she is stepping down as chief operating officer of London Diamond Bourse, after 6 years of fantastic service. Victoria has played a critical role in positioning the London Diamond Bourse as a progressive bourse worldwide and has transformed us from an inwardly focused private members club into a respected professional trade association with a global profile.”

“On behalf of the council of management, I would like to thank her for many significant achievements; not least the past three years of all-consuming work while she headed our team to find a new suitable home for the London Diamond Bourse. The trade will never know just what a mammoth task this has been.”

By mutual consent McKay will remain in the short term to complete the final stages of what has been a very long and complex negotiation, with dozens of specialist firms, legal matters and advisors to contend with.

Her strength and fortitude has brought the Bourse to the point of signing the lease for a new home, together with delivering a plan to expand its operation in the future.

In an effort to create a thriving diamond bourse and hub space, McKay will be engaged by the bourse as a consultant to manage the launch of the new space on its behalf.

Stacey Aylott will take over the reins of the day to day running of the Bourse.

Cohen explains: “Stacey, who is an obvious successor, has been promoted from executive assistant to operations manager. She clearly has the ability to maintain a steady and effective organisation during this pivotal time in our development.

“Again, we cannot thank Victoria enough for the dedication, passion and enthusiasm she has given to our organisation and, we wish her very best of luck in her exciting new chapter.”


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