Diamond giant De Beers has launched a new global campaign titled ‘I do’.

The campaign features a wide range of diamond jewellery from across its two houses, De Beers Jewellers and De Beers Forevermark, as symbols of the pledge that a diamond ring symbolises.

Messaging in the campaign is centred around topics including staying true to oneself, not compromising, fighting for one’s beliefs and celebrating nature.


The campaign also aligns with De Beers’ company principles: innovation for good, inclusivity and protection for the environment and its people.

Bruce Cleaver, CEO of De Beers Group, said: “For more than a century, De Beers has played a central role in helping people express their enduring commitment to their partner.

“Today we see a new generation of consumers who wish to communicate a wider commitment: a commitment to their own personal development, to their friendships, to their families, to society, and to the natural world.

“The meaning of ‘I do.’ has expanded and it’s more relevant than ever – and diamonds have a broader spectrum of meaning than ever before.

“With our new ‘one De Beers’ vision, which encapsulates the essence of our brand’s purpose and enables consumers to interact with it in new ways, we see an exciting opportunity to shape the future of diamonds.

“With all our marketing investment consolidated behind our iconic brand name, we will amplify the emotional meaning that diamonds from De Beers hold for consumers, highlighting the positive impact they have in the world and the exceptional beauty of those selected for our jewellery houses.”

View the one-minute campaign video here:

Meanwhile, Celine Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers and De Beers Forevermark, commented: “The launch of the campaign marks a turning point for De Beers, and paves the way for our ongoing commitment to being a purpose-driven company.

“Our two jewellery houses come from one powerful brand that is proud to stand for commitments by people all over the world, to what means most to them.

“We lead by example, committing to creating positive impact in the places where our diamonds are found, and for the people that connect with them along their journey.”