The Diamond Produces Association (DPA) has launched its new Real is Rare campaign designed specifically to target millennial consumers.

The new communications platform reinforces diamonds as a symbolic expression of emotional commitment guided by personal choice, not convention.

“Millennials have spoken, and while they may not always follow the traditional paths and relationship rituals of earlier generations, they increasingly seek out authentic, meaningful expressions of love which are rare, and therefore precious, in today’s fast-paced, virtual world,” says the Diamond Produces Association.


Rooted in this insight, the DPA has created the “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” campaign, which invites consumers to take a fresh look at diamonds as an ideal symbol of sincere, meaningful connections and commitment.

Real is Rare is the diamond industry’s first marketing campaign in five years, highlighting how connecting with millennials is vital for keeping the industry alive.

View the debut campaign video here…

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