Global diamond authority GIA has announced that it is now grading lab-grown diamonds under its all-new Lab Grown Diamond Report (LGDR), with the same standards used for their mined diamond certificates.

Integrity is key, and GIA knows it, the organisation wrote. Keeping this emerging diamond market vibrant and transparent is the drive behind its major investment in the new LGDR lab reports.

Protecting a new generation means LGDR by GIA certificates will list the growth process for each evaluated diamond (CVD or HPHT) and will also list any potential post-growth treatments that attempt to improve the diamond’s colour grading.


This announcement from GIA, it hopes, gives the final seal of approval to the burgeoning lab-grown diamond market in the UK. The organisation believes the reports confirm to the industry that lab-grown diamonds are here to stay, are recognised by GIA, and are highly relevant and sought after by the end client.

Green Rocks Created Diamonds, whose laboratory and cutting facilities are in Israel and with London headquarters servicing the European market, is one of the first growers to send its diamonds to GIA for grading.

Green Rocks President and CEO, Leon Peres, said: “We are 100% behind the GIA on this. The consumer deserves full disclosure so they can have total confidence in the quality of every lab-grown diamond.

“It is critical for the integrity of the market and the entire diamond industry. I am very proud to say that Green Rocks is one of the first companies in the GIA LGDR programme. Our first batch is already in for grading.”

For more information on lab grown diamonds please contact the Green Rocks London office on 0203 903 0969 or send an email to

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