Tuscan jewellery brand Giovanni Raspini is showcasing 21 necklaces as part of a new virtual exhibition.

The Jewels from a Wunderkammer exhibition is the result of the designer’s personal research into contemporary jewellery.

The website reveals that pieces included are “deliberately outrageous” and “absolutely over-the-top”.


“The twenty-one creations crafted for Jewels from a Wunderkammer,” Giovanni Raspini said, “are all unique pieces and rise from the desire to amaze and inspire a sense of wonder.

“The Wunderkammer evokes a mysterious world full of alchemy, oddities, phantasmagorical whims and esoteric presences.

“Things, objects and works of art are shown in a celebration of astonishment and emotional subjectivity. And this also applies to the jewellery in our exhibition.”

The pieces include honeycomb and bees, fossilised dinosaur teeth, Palaeolithic flint arrowheads, lunar meteorites and more.

“In this sense”, continued Raspini, “we seek out uniqueness, an element that is often highly conceptual.

“The Seafood spaghetti necklace is a striking example among the 21 creations: the sense of wonder comes from the fact that elements such as shells – destined for the rubbish bin – become decorations on an item of jewellery.

“Leftovers from a meal become precious, magically reversing their destiny.”

The virtual exhibition will remain live on the brand’s website until March 2021.