New gold exhibition covers 4,500 years of of gold jewellery making.

A new exhibition called Gold: Power and Allure has opened at the Goldsmiths’ Hall in London – the most comprehensive and ambitious exhibition ever staged at the Hall, referencing 4,500 years of gold jewellery design in Britain.

The showcase, which is sponsored by the World Gold Council, includes more than 400 gold items ranging in date from as early as 2,500 BC to the present day.


It includes rare and exquisite works of art as well as curious and amusing objects such as a gold and pearl mechanical mouse.

The exhibition has released a video documenting what the show is about, with a special focus on two items of gold jewellery created by goldsmiths Wright & Teague and Polly Gasston, and comissioned by the World Gold Council.

The two commissions have been dubbed "gold couture" by the WGC and include a striking neckpiece called a Lunula and an ivy leaf tiara.