David Lee, CEO and chairman of Hing Wa Lee Group and Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, has revealed his secrets for a successful jewellery and watch business in a new YouTube video.

He opens the video sat in front of his coveted Ferrari 288 GTO, saying: “Today we’re going to talk about having a goal, in my case owning [this car], and what you can do to work towards getting that goal.”

Lee graduated from USC Business School in 1990, during a recession, making it a very difficult time to start a business.


Instead of opening his own business, he opted to pitch his father the idea of shifting his jewellery company’s focus towards retail.

Now with two stores in California, the business offers a selection of watches and jewellery and has been successful enough to allow Lee to afford his childhood dream car.

Lee reveals in the video how he built up Hing Wa Lee Group to be what it is today.

He concluded: “In the days when young people like to text and email, the very important deals have to be in person. You’ve got to look the person in the eye and say, ‘Hey, you know what? This is what it is.’ This kind of stuff you can’t get in texts, which are so informal, so non-personal.”

Watch below: