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VIDEO: New expanding foam security system Medusa in action


The team behind expanding foam security system Medusa have released a video showcasing the new anti-smash and grab technology in action. 

Invented by security expert Hilaire O’Shea and assisted by Michael Hoare, Medusa quickly fills cabinets containing high value watches and jewellery with an expanding foam, making valuables difficult to access and transport.

According to an official press release: “Some existing systems cloak valuables in impenetrable smoke or vapour during an attack, and others tag both robbers and jewels with DNA markers that make them traceable. Both are excellent systems but still leave valuables vulnerable to some extent. Medusa works differently, by first blocking unauthorised access to valuables, and second by preventing their removal from the scene of the crime.

“Once activated, it does this by rapidly filling showcases with an inert expanded foam that encloses the contents in an impenetrable block of high density material. It is then impossible to either grab individual items or remove the enclosed items on foot, or typically on a motorcycle. Even if it were removable the fact that the robber is now dealing with an unwieldy burden will hinder his escape – making for easy apprehension – and prevents rapid dispersal of the loot. This last point is important because criminals rely on breaking down their haul, either to transport it, or pay off foot-soldiers.”

More information can be found here. 


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