Robbery at The Souk in Haworth not covered by insurance policy.

Raiders have stolen £150,000-worth of uninsured gold and diamond jewellery from vintage clothing and jewellery shop The Souk in Haworth.

The raid took place at 2am yesterday when two people pulled out a section of the shop’s window, prised open the window bars and climbed inside. The shop’s alarm was activated but it is reported that nobody heard it go off.


The Souk owner Dianne Bentley is offering a £5,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of those involved in smashing up her store. Police have since arrested a 34-year-old man.

The jewellery stolen will not be covered by The Souk’s insurance policy as the jewellery was left out in cabinets overnight rather than being put away in a safe, so the business is now £150,000 down.

In an interview with local newspaper The Telegraph & Argus The Souk partner Andreas Marinkovic criticised cash-for-gold companies for making it too easy for stolen jewellery to be sold on.

He said: “The core of the business is destroyed. I think it’s just a sign of the times. Anything that’s metal that can be sold off for cash is just a target. I’m sure someone is paying out for this stuff right now.

“It’s cash, no questions asked. Until the government passes a law saying it has to be cashless transactions, this will carry on and on.”

The Souk will remain closed for two to three days.