A thief who burgled a North Yorkshire jewellery store has been ordered to pay back £32,000 – a small portion of his haul which totalled over £440,000 in worth.

Viktor Okumu is currently serving a jail sentence of more than 10 years after pleading guilty to the robbery of Northallerton’s Bradleys the Jewellers in March 2019.

He has now been ordered to repay £32,000 following a confiscation order by a judge.


Okumu left the jewellery store with £441,640 worth of jewellery after injuring a female shop assistant who later required surgery on a cut hand.

Wearing a blue boiler suit and motorcycle helmet he wedged the store’s door open before taking his loot.

Police only found half of the stolen jewellery at the time of his initial sentencing, with Okumu denying that he had hidden goods worth £229,640.

Now, two years on, he is being ordered to pay £32,973 according to Hambleton Today, a sum he will have to pay within three months.

Investigating officer, acting detective inspector Matthew Wilkinson, of North Yorkshire Police, said at the time of Okumu’s sentencing: “This was a professionally executed and violent robbery which was a truly terrifying ordeal for both the staff members involved and the members of public who were in close proximity to the jewellers as it took place.

“Okumu carried out extensive reconnaissance and careful planning in the period leading up to the day of the robbery and went to great lengths in the days after the incident to cover his tracks, thinking he was safe by hiding a significant distance away from the region.

“I would especially like to thank the public of Northallerton for their support in this case, as a number of witnesses came forward, reporting numerous sightings of a man matching Okumu’s description both on the day of the robbery and as far back as October 2018. Their assistance has been central to bringing this very dangerous man to justice.

“Fortunately, offences of this nature are extremely rare in North Yorkshire and I hope that the significant sentence handed down today sends out a strong message that those who commit robbery in our county will be brought to justice.

“Nobody should ever have to fear something like this happening in their place of work and we will continue to do everything we can to locate people like Okumu who are intent on breaking the law.”

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