Jewellery manufacturer and wholesaler, PJ Watson, has announced the retirement of managing director Vivian Watson.

After almost 50 years in business, Vivian Watson officially stepped down from PJ Watson on December 15 2015. Vivian’s son John Watson has now taken over the company.

Professional Jeweller spoke to John Watson on the day of his father’s retirement. Talking about how he feels taking over the reins, he commented: “This time of year [December] is so busy you don’t have time to stop and think about it other than sometimes in the evenings, but it is exciting and obviously I’m bit nervous as well because it’s a well established business and I’m suddenly the man in charge.”


Vivian has been training John since the very first day he started work at the family business, but in the last three months the father-and-son duo have embarked on many late nights in preparation for Vivian’s retirement day.

John told Professional Jeweller that he is sure Vivian will still be in and out of the office in the future though. “It is one of those trades that you can’t just disappear from. There are too many close connections with friends through the trade,” John explains. “Also, he lives five minutes away from the office, so it is not like the old days when we used to be up in Hatton Garden and it was easier to retire, draw a line under it and never come back.”

Vivian Watson took over the company following the retirement of his father Peter Watson who founded the company in September 1966.

2016 marks PJ Watson’s 50th anniversary in the UK jewellery industry.

Find out more about the retirement, change in hands and anniversary in the February 2016 issue of Professional Jeweller.