Donna Air to wear Whitby Jet dress to tonight?s Spiderman premiere.

Jewellery company W Hammond has teamed up with British fashion designer Scott Henshall to create a dress made with Whitby Jet and diamonds that will be worn by celebrity Donna Air on the red carpet at the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman film in London’s Leicester Square tonight.

Air will walk down the red carpet in a little black dress that has been decorated with strings of jewels to represent a web. At the centre of the design will be a spider crafted from black Whitby Jet and set with diamonds that was crafted in house by W Hammond’s craftsmen.


Henshall has a history of creating show-stopping jewel-adorned dresses for the premieres of the Spiderman films. In 2002 he created a dress from a web of lace for Jodie Kidd for the Spiderman premiere and in 2004 he created a diamond-encrusted dress for Samantha Mumba to wear to the Spiderman 2 premier that has a value of £5 million and is still believed to be the world’s most expensive dress ever made.
W Hammond is a new brand of gem-set jewellery created by CW Sellors that was first unveiled at IJL in 2011.