National UK jewellery retailer Warren James Jewellers has reportedly closed one of its Dorset branches permanently.

The jeweller’s Weymouth shop, situated on the town’s high street, was reported by local publication the Dorset Echo to be seen being stripped of fittings and fixtures.

The newspaper also revealed that the retailer’s other Dorset branches, and indeed its nationwide chain of stores, are expected to remain unaffected, though are temporarily closed at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions.


The retailer has thus far provided no comment on the closure.

Warren James revealed in its latest annual financial report that it believes its pre-Covid business to have been strong enough to support it through the pandemic and lockdowns, as long as they may last.

Read more about the retailer’s 2019/2020 financials below:

Warren James’ pre-Covid financials give it platform to tackle challenges posed by virus