The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has been asked to grade the world’s largest black lab-grown diamond.

The organisation was chosen by Meylor Global to analyse two large HPHT-produced lab-grown diamonds earlier this month, one of which is a Guinness World Record Holder.

These historic rough crystals weighed in at 109.58 carats and 115.65 carats respectively and were grown as part of the ‘World’s Largest Black Diamonds Project’, initiated by Meylor Global at the beginning of the year.


They were produced using the HPHT process, which replicates and accelerates natural growth.

Meylor Global CEO Yuliya Kusher said: “The innovative approach in physical chemistry of diamond growth combined with sophisticated technological methods and advanced high pressure equipment allowed us to obtain record-breaking extra-large diamond single crystals, having in mind the idea of getting the biggest possible diamond plate in the one-inch plus size.”

According to Kusher, this record-setting achievement is just a step toward another goal.

“The significant milestone of 100ct+ size in diamond size was achieved by our company in a very short time and the next even more promising target of 200 ct+ is right now under deep scientific investigation,” she said.

IGI analysis under visible spectroscopy and FTIR mid-infrared spectroscopy showed the two crystals were not subject to colour enhancement and are the boron containing Type IIb diamond type.

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