Diamond Council says industry is indebted to Oppenheimer.

The chairman of De Beers Group, Nicky Oppenheimer, will have his life’s work and achievements honoured by the World Diamond Council (WDC) at a gala dinner at next month’s WDC annual meeting in Vicenza, Italy.

Oppenheimer is due to be honoured for his “considerable contribution to the industry’s effort to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds”.


Eli Izhakoff, president of the WDC said: "It is difficult to imagine where we would be today were it not for the role played by Nicky Oppenheimer and De Beers right from the very birth of our organization.

"Not only was he among the first industry leaders who understood and appreciated the implications of the conflict diamond trade, and consequently sounded the rallying cry, but over the years he has been one of our most important and enthusiastic supporters, and has participated in numerous WDC meetings. He was a staunch advocate of the Kimberley Process from the beginning."

Izhakoff added that the industry is indebted to Oppenheimer’s leadership and support and says he looks forward to expressing this is person at the Vicenza meeting, where WDC officials gather.

Last month the Israeli Diamond Institute (IDI) awarded the 66-year-old Oppenheimer with a lifetime achievement award. The Oppenheimer family announced in November last year that it had sold a 40% stake in De Beers to diamond mining giant Anglo American.