An independent jewellery retailer reopened its store the same day a moped gang armed with knives and acid raided its boutique of £100,000 worth of goods.

The armed group set up a roadblock in Wimbledon Village yesterday (Oct 13) to raid independent jeweller Michael Platt – but the owners refused to be defeated.

The robbery was carried out at lunchtime, with the gang threatening bystanders with a knife and spray bottles believed to contain acid, before smashing down the jewellery retailer’s door.


Terrified staff had to lock themselves in a storeroom as the gang of four, two on motorcycles, crashed through the front.

The gang fled with £100,000 worth of bespoke items from the independent business, which is owned by Wayne and Elayne Myers.

Not letting the “thugs” beat them, the duo reopened the store soon after the attack.

Wayne Myers tells the Evening Standard: “It’s business as usual, we will not let these thugs beat us. We will not cower against these brazen people who need to be stopped. We are a small independent business and they are one-off items but we will not be beaten.”

“These people are the slime of society. But they will not get the better of us. It’s hard enough for small businesses without this. But we will show our grit and carry on. These people need to be caught,” adds Mrs Myers.

Scotland Yard appealed for witnesses to the raid to come forward. There have been no arrests.