‘Weathermap’ shows variation in UK retail footfall

More than 6,500 retailers monitored in mapping of consumer trending.

A ‘Retail Traffic Weathermap’ has been released for February and March showing footfall trends across 6,500 stores in the UK.

Compiled by Synovate Retail Performance, leading global supplier of scientific footfall monitoring and behavioural analysis systems for retailers, the weathermap shows which areas of the UK have seen ‘bright spells’ and which are ‘freezing’ as some shoppers continue to spend tentatively.

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The data for March 2011 against February 2011 is set to show an upward trend, with stores in the north west expected to see a 1.1 percent rise in footfall, stores in the north east a 0.5 percent rise and the south west a 0.2 percent improvement – an overall 3.3 percent increase. However central England and London are both expected to see a small dip in footfall, with a ‘cloudy’ forecast.

Figures for February 2011 against March 2011 showed variation across the British Isles, with a ‘freezing’ -6.0 percent drop in footfall, possibly caused by the end of the January sales, or pre-Christmas spending. London saw a -2.1 percent fall in shoppers, while central England saw a sunny 3.6 percent rise in footfall.

Year-on-year trending for February has shown a -5.1 percent drop in footfall across the 6,500 stores measured by Synovate. 

By providing retailers with key performance indicators (KPI), Synovate aims to measure, manage and improve customer volume, sales opportunities and further activity such as in-store layouts.

The company monitors more than 1.1 billion visits to retail premises and operates in more than 20 markets across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.




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