WEB EXCLUSIVE: FACETS PR director Sarah Carpin on transforming CMJ Media

Sarah Carpin & Colin Harris, Somers House, Rugby, Professional HOT 100 Jeweller

With the news that CMJ Media has rebranded to FACETS PR, Professional Jeweller speaks to company director Sarah Carpin to find out more…

Q: Why was the decision made to change CMJ Media to FACETS PR?

The need to rebrand came out of some strategy work we were doing as a company with our inspirational business advisor Nigel Neill (of Drakes Academy) and strengthened by further research within regional focus groups in CMJ that revealed a lot of confusion around the difference between CMJ and CMJ Media. Not to mention various mishaps of jewellery samples and invoices being sent to the wrong offices along the way.

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The original aim of CMJ Media, when we launched the business four years ago, was to provide marketing and publishing support for CMJ retailers along with PR and marketing services for jewellery and watch brands. What we’ve discovered since then is that PR, marketing, event management and media buying services are the areas that are generating the most growth and the most profit. These are the areas that FACETS PR will now be concentrating on from our London office.

Q: Can you explain the relationship between the Company of Master Jewellers and FACETS PR?

CMJ is our parent company and we are wholly owned by the Group. Our main aim as a business is to provide a service to the UK jewellery industry and to be a small but growing revenue stream for CMJ. In these early stages as a business, we have benefited from the investment, security and support of CMJ. That said, the CMJ directors and Chief Executive do put pressure on me to ensure that we grow in a sustainable manner, that we invest wisely for future growth, and that we put realistic and attainable business plans in place. This gives us security as an agency that we can grow as a business with the full expertise and support of CMJ behind us. We are the first CMJ satellite business enterprise and we have paved the way for other CMJ backed enterprises to follow in the future.

Q: Can you tell us any more about the redesign of CMJ Media into FACETS PR?

We have chosen a rebrand design that focuses on bright, contemporary and dynamic styles and colours, moving away from our more corporate CMJ Media logo. Digital PR and social media strategies are a big part of our services and so we wanted a design that reflects the digital, innovative side of PR as well as the fashion and luxury elements of the jewellery world. Our brand colours of zircon, amethyst and rose gold reflect our specialist nature.

Q: How will you be promoting FACETS PR in the future – through the CMJ, IJL and other trade events maybe?

Much of our new business comes through word of mouth and personal networking and I’m sure this will continue. Any agency is only as good as their reputation and their results and we continue to build both. FACETS PR will launch to the trade at the CMJ event in August and we will be promoting our services through our new website

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