80-81 Amber Atherton

Earlier this month charm-based fashion brand My Flash Trash launched into Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship store (July 5).

In the first two weeks the brand was the best selling concession in Topshop and now Atherton has big plans to expand My Flash Trash’s offering.

“It has always been our vision to expand out of charm jewellery, into other accessories, home ware products, candles and stuff… all still keeping with the charm theme,” Atherton explains.


Commenting on competitors Accessorize and Claire’s who share the same target audience of 16 year old girls, Atherton says: “I just think Accessorize and Claire’s are so out of touch with their Millenial consumer base, in terms of the product that they offer and the way they communicate them. And we really want to fill that space.

“They are old stable players that have perhaps lost touch with how to communicate to the Millenial demographic whereas we are a young nimble company that has built a loyal rapidly growing community and a loved brand.”

When asked what My Flash Trash can offer that Accessorize and Claire’s currently don’t, Atherton answers: “It’s our brand reputation and communication that sets us apart. We were an ecommerce company from birth and digital drives everything we do. As a founder having grown up with the internet I totally relate to what our Millenial customer wants.

“There is a massive gap in the market for a charm jewellery lifestyle brand and with an extended on point range we can deliver scale and loyalty to a generation that don’t respond to Claire’s. In fact we commissioned an independent study and found that over 75% of the 1000 14-22 year olds related to My Flash Trash more than the other high street jewellery and accessory chains.”

My Flash Trash already extended its Topshop product offering on Wednesday (July 22) with the launch of charms that can be sold separately in store.

Next the brand will be adding chokers and fortune candles from Mexico. In the future Atherton aims to add necklaces, earrings, tech accessories and gifts all with a charm focus to the core collection.

Atherton concludes: “The range is quite limited now with just a bangle and friendship bracelet option. Whilst we have extensions in the pipeline for SS16 the success of Topshop and the demand of the consumer for a bigger selection, particularly the Topshop customer, has prompted us to act sooner. Our customer is that fast fashion loving girl and our relationship with Topshop but also other retailers like forever 21 reinforces that.”