Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue launched her debut jewellery line, Rosie Fortescue Jewellery, exclusively online yesterday (Oct 20).

Renowned for her personal style and her successful fashion and lifestyle blog – AtFashionForte – Rosie has created a 38-piece collection of jewellery that consists of elegant stacking rings, delicate bracelets with multicoloured gemstones, ear jackets and more.

Stand out pieces include geometric jewelled earrings in sterling silver with black rhodium and rose gold and yellow gold vermeil, and Rosie’s hero piece – an 18ct gold vermeil bangle necklace with multi-coloured gemstones at each end.


The trans-seasonal colour ways of the collection include several romantic and vivid tones such as champagne, rose and black gemstones, hot pink, icy blue and bright green. For a subtle gothic look the range also has bold ear jackets in black rhodium and a mix of rings with darker hues.

The collection is exclusively available at and price points range from £45 for a stacking ring to £350 for the limited edition bangle necklace.

Professional Jewellery caught up with Rosie to hear all about the design process, inspiration and vision for Rosie Fortescue Jewellery…

How long has you been working on your jewellery collection?

I’ve been working on it for about two years. So I’ve had the designs done, and I had everything in my head and knew exactly what I wanted, but I think with filming and projects  I’ve had on I didn’t want to rush to do it. I’m very precise and organised and I knew it was something that I really wanted to put time and consideration into instead of just rushing into it. It’s been a gradual, long working process, but it’s been an exciting one.

Have you always wanted to design jewellery?

Jewellery has always been my thing for as long as I can remember. I always raided my mum’s jewellery box and always tried on her rings. We are fortunate enough to both have tiny fingers, so I always wore her rings and I just love jewellery. I think it is a way of expressing yourself and it is definitely how I compliment my outfit and finish off my morning look when I’m getting ready or even in the evening, jewellery is the finishing touches and that’s my favourite part of my outfit.

What inspired the debut collection?

My inspirations are basically a lot of colour. I always used to be a gold girl with jewellery, I never used to wear anything other than simple gold jewellery and I wasn’t really in to colour but I then just realised how fun and enjoyable it was to introduce colour through jewellery so we use a lot of different coloured stones and it is a really great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

The colours are all really delicate on the skin, so we’ve got the gold, rose gold, black rhodium and the silver, and it is really nice being able to mix and match the different metals with the colours. Whereas normally I would never wear silver but with lilac stones for instance it looks beautiful and I love it.

Were you very involved in the whole process?

Yes. I’ve done everything. I’m even doing all the distribution because it’s my baby and I really wanted to have the involvement in everything and I wanted to be as hands on as possible with it. We haven’t got a vast amount of stock because we are a new company, so we’ve kept it slightly reasonable for now. It is something I’ve worked so hard on and put so much effort into I want to be seeing everything that goes on. Even with my blog I do everything, I love being hands on and I love what I do. I really love being busy…

Could you tell me about the design development?

I’ve designed pieces that I have never found out there but I really want myself. Some of the pieces are quite statement in the collection but some are very easy to be worn everyday and I wanted my collection to be very fun and wearable. A lot of people see jewellery as only being bought on a special occasion but jewellery is so much part of my day to day life that I want it to be everyone’s as well. So it is really important to have the simple stacking rings and the crown ring to be really fun and the kite one’s as well. They are so easy to be worn day to day but then I’ve got the chunky bangle necklace that is obviously a really statement piece that would be incredible over a little black dress in the evening but then would also be great over a white shirt in summer too.

So it is versatile, but I think the rings, earrings and ear jackets are great o be worn in the day, and can be worn in the evening, but they are more subtle if people want to wear them to work and they can’t wear too much jewellery. I didn’t want to do a collection that was so statement that people would need an occasion to wear it.

How did you feel seeing the collection come to live?

It was so exciting to see all the jewellery laid out at the launch. I’ve had the samples for a while and I’ve worn pieces out here and there but to see it out of the packages, lay them out, have the beautiful flowers and the candles and have all the colours of the jewellery popping out was incredible.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I’ve got a real soft spot for the hexagon earrings and actually my mum and twin sister are obsessed with them, so it’s definitely a piece that goes across all ages.

How do you see the range expanding?

I’ve already got pieces that I have designed that I am gagging to get out there. Initially I had such a huge collection that I designed, we had to cut back on a lot of pieces, and now I’m so excited about the new piece that I’ve got designed already. We’ve just got to work out the right time to release those.