A webinar on the topic of diamond mining and the ethics behind the industry will run today (Tuesday, 16 March).

The webinar, from the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC), is set to be the first in a series of virtual events that will look at life in diamond mining regions.

Today’s edition will run at 3pm (GMT) and aims to bring both ends of the supply chain together to discuss some of the ongoing issues around diamond mining.


Participants will hear directly from individuals negatively affected by diamond mining, from the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition, and members of the jewelry and diamond industries.

The KPCSC is asking for feedback and ideas for future instalments from the public.

Those interested can register for the free webinar, entitled ‘Conflict diamonds are real, real talk is rare’, via the KPCSC website.

The coalition describes itself as the umbrella organisation that acts as an observer of the Kimberley Process on behalf of civil society.