Wedding crash a bad omen for bridal jewellery sales


Bridal jewellery has always provided a steady stream of revenue for jewellers, but that could be under long-term threat after new figures revealed a sharp drop in the number of people getting married.  

The Office for National Statistics says the volume of people getting married for the first time has fallen to a record low.

Just 2.5% of single women in England and Wales tied the knot in 2013, while the number of weddings also dropped for the first time since 2009.

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Overall there were 240,854 marriages in 2013, a decrease of 8.6% compared with 2012, and a drop of 40% in 40 years, according to figures published by The Daily Telegraph.

The ONS said that marriage numbers have been declining since 1972, but suggested fears about the number 13 could have contributed to the severity of the decline in 2013.

It is still to early for figures to be revealed about 2014-16.

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  1. I feel this is just worrying over nothing. Trends have changed and will change again. Especially with equal marriage rights in the UK, more people now have the opportunity to get engaged and marry than before.

    So I wouldn’t worry about it.

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