Welcome to the new Professionaljeweller.com

Welcome to the new home of Professionaljeweller.com. If you are visiting us from your PC, you will see that the design is fresher, more modern and easier to navigate around.

The biggest benefits, however, present themselves when you visit Professsionaljeweller.com from your tablet or smartphone. That’s because the web site is now “responsive” to the platform.

On your smartphone, the web site automatically reconfigures itself into a long vertical list, with the text and images formatted to appear as elegantly as possible on a small screen.

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The same is true for tablets – Android, Windows or iOS – with none of the old problems like needing to scroll in and out to properly see everything. This all happens for you automatically whether you hold your device horizontally or vertically.

Traffic to the web site is expected to increase, not only because of the improvements to design and functionality, but also because search engines favour web sites that are optimised for mobiles.

“Since we launched over five years ago, Professional Jeweller has always been first to market with the freshest ideas, particularly in the digital world. The new mobile-friendly web site is another example of how we always stay three steps ahead,” says Sarah Jordan, editor of Professional Jeweller.

The path into Professionaljeweller.com has evolved dramatically over recent years. The e-mail Daily News Alert, which now has 13,528 subscribers, is still the site’s greatest attraction, but we have also seen a massive surge in visitors from Facebook and Twitter, particularly from smartphones and tablets.

In the past month, 64% of page views on Professionaljeweller.com have been from desktops; 23.4% have been from mobiles; and 12.6% have been from tablets.

“The Professional Jeweller community is growing and evolving its browsing habits all the time, and we will always make it as easy as possible to read our market-leading content. It is also an unbreakable commitment that Professional Jeweller will  remain free of charge to access forever,” promises Andrew Martyniuk, Professional Jeweller’s group commercial manager.

“This is exciting news for advertisers,” adds Martyniuk. “Banner advertising has sometimes been compromised on mobile devices, but this will no longer be the case with our new site. We are promising more traffic, more page views and better response for our advertisers.”



  1. Andrew Martyniuk said:

    I love the new look. We look forward to seeing what you all think of it.

  2. robcorderrobcorder said:

    We’ve been testing for weeks, but no doubt there are still a few teething problems, so please send us details of any problems you encounter so that we can fix them all immediately. E-mail me at rob.corder@itp.com. Thank you.


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