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Wellbeing jewellery brand enters UK market


UK-based wellbeing brand Shree Jewellery is looking to expand its business following a successful launch earlier this year.

The brand silently but effectively entered the UK market in April 2019, and now it is ready to make its mark on the wider trade.

Shree Jewellery is a wellbeing and lifestyle brand, which has been warmly received by retailers and customers alike.

With more people turning to personal wellness, the company has captured the attention of working professionals, fashion followers and a mass customer base.

Crafted in silver and adorned with natural stones, each piece is handmade in the UK by jewellery designer, Krupa Purohit, who started her career as a sales assistant at F. Hinds.

The company specifically specialises in bracelets and wrist wear which look striking to all, but also feature hidden properties for the wearer to enjoy.

With a talisman feel, Shree Jewellery promotes positivity through pieces that fuse far eastern beliefs with modern western, contemporary designs.

Purohit shares: “I would say now is surely the right time for retailers to embrace the wellbeing message. Wellbeing is at the forefront now. Our brand is not religious jewellery, which it sometimes gets interpreted as. Shree is a brand that is driving the message of connecting people with themselves. Focusing and connecting with the inner self helps people develop the mind, body, heart and soul. If these areas of a person are fully functional and positive then the outlook of life changes. Our message is to better the wellbeing of our customers.”

The brand has already started to open doors with retailers reporting positive feedback so far.

Looking ahead, the brand wants to partner with family jewellers, wellbeing spas, art galleries, gift shops, and department stores to help spread its positive message further.

To help its ambitious growth plans, Shree Jewellery has appointed a soon-to-be announced sales agent.


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