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WFDB launches website for young members of the diamond community


The World Federation of Diamond Bourses has announced the launch of its Young Diamantaires (YDs) website.

The organisation has worked for the past four years with young members of the diamond community all over the world to create a platform through which they can express their thoughts, opinions and views in a safe and constructive manner.

Rami Baron, chairman of the promotion committee of the WFDB and founder of the Young Diamantaires describes the four pillars as the foundation from which the group will grow:

  1.  To provide a platform where discussion can take place which is relevant to our industry, respectful and without judgment of others.
  2. To provide an ability to expand one’s networks, participate in events and share with like-minded people ways to improve each other’s businesses.
  3. To cultivate leadership roles for the future of the WFDB and foster the opportunity for women to play an equally prominent role in our industry.
  4. Become a focal point for sponsoring and contributing to those who are less fortunate, in ways which have a positive impact on their lives and that of our industry.

“The diamond industry over its long history has been shaped and nurtured by many different generations of diamantaires,” says WFDB acting president, Yoram Dvash. “We are happy to see the younger members of our industry actively engaging in discussions regarding critical issues and exploring how they can build on the rich legacy of this industry.”

“We are bringing together people who would never get the opportunity to meet. We introduced discussions on topics that Young Diamantaires wanted to discuss but didn’t have the opportunities to do so. As a founding member I am extremely proud of what we have achieved to date,” adds Rachel Sahar, in charge of public relations for the YDs.

The website itself was physically built by the members for the members. It is in its first iteration and there are plans to expand its functionality.

“Building this website meant we can express ourselves visually the way we wanted,”explains Harsh Shah and Chris Zoettli, handling website development at YDs. “We were given total freedom, and have plans to add functionality to the site. The site will never be a trading platform, but a resource centre for Young Diamantaires worldwide, to help them improve and grow their businesses.”


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