What it’s really like to work with Peter Doherty

Jeweller Hannah Martin on her very rock ‘n’ roll collaboration.

By Hannah Martin

It was about this time last year that Peter Doherty’s stylist first came to me with the idea of working on a jewellery collaboration with the musician.

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My first reaction was surprise and curiosity. What I didn’t know then was the depth of Peter’s knowledge, fascination and infatuation with collecting jewellery and indeed collecting trinkets and antiques of all sorts.

Music has always played a big part in my creative process and in my life. My dad brought me up on The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix – not a bad place to start my love of rock ‘n’ roll. The Libertines featured highly in my playlist during my time studying at Central St Martins and continued as I started up my brand.

I have always had true admiration for Peter as an artist and towards the end of the last decade, whilst I was reveling in my art school years, his sense of style really began a whole movement that swept like wild fire through east London, and still hangs around today. For these reasons, and for the pure unexpectedness of the partnership, this collaboration made complete sense to me.

Our project really began when I visited Peter’s house in rural Wiltshire. Pulling up outside his rambling country pile, complete with a few vintage Jags parked up at jaunty angles on the front lawn and a legless mannequin swimming face first in the pond, I knew the experience was going to live up to all my rock ‘n’ roll expectations.

We spent a day wandering round his place together. Peter showed me all his collections, ranging from taxidermy and vintage tobacco tins to military uniforms and rosaries. One room was filled entirely with elephants of all shapes and sizes,which inspired the inclusion of mammoth ivory in the collection. We talked about jewellery, how he liked to wear it and how he brought together his vintage pieces. To be honest, it was a designer’s dream – enough inspiration sat in that house for my next 10 collections.

The design process then began. My real focus was to create pieces that reflected Peter’s style, his love of vintage and trinkets, but without simply recreating something old or something that has been done already. I’d draw my ideas then meet with Peter and we’d talk through them, with him sketching his thoughts on top of mine. Between us I think we reached something with this collection that is a true mixture of both our tastes.

It has been an honour to work with Peter, who is a true gentleman and creative who has surprised me at every turn.


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