Discover from our editor the answer to a much-asked question.

In September we held the highlight of our year here at Professional Jeweller, our now legendary Hot 100 party.

While it is easy to get caught up in the frantic, whirlwind excitement of organising an event, what is important to remember is what we actually celebrating. The Hot 100 is so much more than just a great party; for us it is the culmination of months of hard work travelling the country photographing and interviewing the people we have selected for the book this year, not to mention the many lengthy and often passionate, well let’s call them discussions, about who had done what to merit a place this year.


But the celebration isn’t about patting ourselves on the back for doing our day job, it is about putting leading members of the jewellery industry up on a pedestal for doing theirs, and for doing them exceptionally well.

I’m often asked just what someone has to do to get in the Hot 100 book, and for us it is a very simple process. While there are many hundreds of people working in the trade who deserve to be lauded in such a book, we only get to select 100 each year and we do it by looking backwards.

As journalists we are constantly cataloguing and recording the events of the jewellery industry in real time, either online in our daily news alerts or in depth in the monthly magazine, and when judging time comes round we have a huge back catalogue that we can instantly refer to and review who opened new stores, who launched successful turnaround bids, who created beautiful designs and which graduates showed the most promise.

Each year I am stopped on multiple occasions by someone who is upset not to be in the book (something I take as a compliment) and they corner me to demand to know why they are not in the book after having grown their business by 50% or refurbished a flagship store, for example, in the past year. My answer to this is usually that they haven’t told us about it, because if they did they would have been a shoe in.

Even we can’t possibly know everything that happens in the industry, but we strive to be as informed as we can, which is why I would encourage everyone to keep in touch with us and shout about your achievements as we are always genuinely interested to hear from as many of you as possible.

And as for who’s hot this year? Click here to find out.


This article was adapted from a column that first appeared in the September 2012 issue of Professional Jeweller magazine. To see a digital version of the issue click here.