Jewellery retailer Est1897 has compiled a list of the top 10 celebrity engagement rings by worth, also looking at diamond size and style.

The retailer also had advice on how these styles can be replicated without a multi-million pound budget.

Further down the list feature famous faces like Victoria Beckham, Melania Trump, Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, their pieces costing in the £2-3 million range.


At number six is Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly set to divorce husband Kanye West imminently. Her 20ct emerald cut ring cost a reported £3.1 million.

Elsewhere, Hollywood greats Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor come in at five and two respectively.

For his proposal to Taylor, Richard Burton spent a reported £6.9 million on a 33ct Asscher cut ring.

Jennifer Lopez (again) and Beyoncé take the four and three spots respectively.

Finally, Mariah Carey’s 35ct emerald cut ring from David Packer tops the list, costing £7.8 million. However, the pair called off their engagement after only seven months, showing that money really can’t buy happiness – or love.

Ben Jarret of EST1897 commented: “The rich and famous own some of the most incredible engagement rings ever made. Stars tend to favour luxurious oval, pear, Asscher and emerald cuts, and push boundaries with some of the largest carats available.

“Whilst these rings accommodate for the most extreme budgets we recommend choosing something personal like a vintage engagement ring.

“Vintage rings are perfect for finding something unique, and offer the perfect opportunity to get the most luxurious cut for your budget.”

By comparison, the royals appear to spend significantly less on engagement rings. The famous ring Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana only cost a reported £28,000 at the time, in 1981. Now the engagement ring of Kate Middleton, the ring has increased in value to £390,000.

Diana’s ring has been the subject of much renewed interest recently, after the Netflix hit show The Crown featured the piece. Read more below:

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