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Which other three women wore the famous Tiffany Diamond before Beyoncé?


Beyoncé has this week become the fourth person ever to publicly wear the famous Tiffany Diamond.

The 128.54ct yellow diamond was originally mined from the Kimberley mine in South Africa in 1877. Its original rough weight prior to polishing was 287.42ct.

The stone was purchased by Charles Tiffany who founded Tiffany & Co 40 years before the diamond was found.

In its long history the gem has been publicly worn by a total of four women.

In 1957, 80 years after its discovery, Mary Whitehouse, wife of American diplomat Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse, became the first person to ever don the diamond at a Tiffany Ball.

Audrey Hepburn then wore the diamond pendant during publicity for the film Breakfast at Tiffany‘s, based on the novel by Truman Capote.

In a long interim between wearers, the diamond has been reset as part of different necklaces and also exhibited in a museum.

It finally got its third outing for the 2019 Oscars when Lady Gaga wore it as she received her Academy Award for Best Actress.

Now Beyoncé has become only the fourth woman to ever wear the diamond for her and husband Jay-Z’s debut campaign with Tiffany & Co. The photoshoot also marks the celebrity couple’s first ever advertising campaign together.

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Lady Gaga becomes third woman to ever wear the renowned ‘Tiffany Diamond’


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