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Which social media platform is most effective for jewellery businesses?

SAN ANSELMO, CA - MAY 09: The Facebook website is displayed on a laptop computer on May 9, 2011 in San Anselmo, California. An investigation by The Pew Research Center found that Facebook has become a player in the news industry as the popular social media site is driving an increasing amount of traffic to news web sites. (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It is no secret that social media is an important tool for almost every business in today’s world, and this is no different in the jewellery industry.

But which platform performs best for jewellery companies in regards to spreading their message the furthest?

Digital marketing consultancy Spike and social media analytics tool Socialinsider have teamed up to answer the question and reveal how e-commerce jewellery brands are levelling up digital performance across Instagram.

The companies compared jewellery businesses’ performance on Facebook and Instagram.

While the engagement rate of followers on Instagram is higher, Facebook showed more spikes over the two-year period of the data, suggesting more room for growth on the platform.

Instagram’s engagement rate stayed relatively flat between 0.47% and 0.7%.

Interestingly, its latest Instagram engagement rate of 0.53% puts it significantly lower than any of the other industries that Spike and Socialinsider studied.

“This is a rather interesting fact given its strong visual nature,” the report reads.

Furthermore, the companies were able to reveal that Instagram’s carousel posts – with a rotation of photos – performed best out of all options, again due to jewellery’s visual nature.

They garnered twice as much engagement as video posts.

In conclusion the report read: “Due to its fun and inventive nature, Instagram has been taking the social media landscape by storm, ending up being the most engaging social platform.”

Director of Spike, Duncan Colman: “We assisted Socialinsider in analysing e-commerce jewellery brands, amongst various other sectors in the UK.

“The UK market is a buoyant ecommerce space and so we delved into the data, at a national level, with some selected sectors of interest.

“Jewellery brands are levelling up their performance on social media.

“But more importantly, Instagrams algorithm is clearly favouring ad-driven content over organic, as organic engagement rates are the lowest in the jewellery industry, which is a surprise considering the pleasing visual elements of posts.

“Socialinsider discovered that jewellery brands were seeing the highest engagement rates when posting ‘status’ style posts. We understand this is likely due to discounts and sales, as brands look to sell products via social media channels.”

Research by Spike and Socialinsider


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