Why jewellery can build a more positive world


The twins behind Finchittida Finch on the rise of Fashion Revolution.

By Tida and Lisa Finch, co-founders, Finchittida Finch

We started our label Finchittida Finch 18 months ago after graduating from university. Throughout our first year of trading we always had a feeling in the back of our minds that we needed to achieve more with our label, and we didn’t feel 100% content with just designing and selling a product.

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Our designs are inspired by our Lao and British heritage. Laos is a beautiful country in South-East Asia where half our family lives, but much of Laos is in poverty and this was the catalyst for us. We are so fortunate to have been born in a country where we have basic necessities to live, acceptable working conditions, and basic human rights. But this isn’t the case everywhere.

Independent designers, global brands and retailers have the power to build a positive world. Social and environmental action can easily be built into businesses, but it hasn’t been considered a priority until now.

This year, the Fashion Revolution began: it is a global movement driving positive change in the industry. The movement is lead by consumers and goes right to the core, asking how responsible designers, brands and retailers are in their making processes. This is the first time the industry has been confronted so publicly.

Finchittida Finch is part of a new generation of businesses who realise that social and environmental responsibility is integral to any brand or business. Whether you run a jewellery label, electronics brand or food company – ethical business models can be applied.

Finchittida Finch has partnered with humanitarian organisation MAG to support communities across the world that have been effected by war. MAG takes direct action to clear all dangerous and explosive items, including landmines. Every piece of Finchittida Finch jewellery purchased helps to remove these dangerous items, making communities safe again.

You have the power to make a positive impact. What is the point of great company that profits at the expense of people’s lives? It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent designer or a global brand, we are all responsible.

This Guest Column was taken from the September 2014 issue of Professional Jeweller

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