Former CMJ chief executive Willie Hamilton is involved in the conception of a new project, titled Back on the High Street (BOTH), that was conceived with a number of leading figures.

Earlier this year Scot Walker, Andrea Walker and Cathie Osborne, as well as Mr Hamilton, got together to explore how they could support retailers and suppliers in the current climate.

BOTH, the initiative revealed, will help both retailers and the diverse businesses that make up jewellery industry’s supply chain, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing, design, distribution and sales, in addition to the industry’s many affiliated federations or associations.


One offering announced is a managed gifting service for high street retailers.

Scot Walker, Andrea Walker and Cathie Osborne have joined Hamilton in this new venture.

Osborne, also Hatton and Spencer managing director, said: “Initially our main drive will be to support independent jewellers in their efforts to try and compete online, even if they don’t have a current web offering, as well as helping to support suppliers with new channels to market.”

Scot and Andrea Walker, of Parify, have explained that the initiative is “very much in its infancy” at present, but its activities will grow and develop over the next few months.

The initiative is already set to sponsor the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) Awards, scheduled to take place in June 2021.

“BOTH is a group of experts with expertise that spans the entire supply chain. Together, we recognised that we could work collaboratively to support the industry in diverse but necessary ways to try to ensure that independent high street prospers,” Willie Hamilton added.