Company of Master Jewellers chief executive officer, Willie Hamilton, has highlighted key jewellery trends for retailers to watch out for this year.

Talking at the retailer’s meeting at the buying group’s bi-annual trade event, Hamilton pinpointed trends within the jewellery industry which the CMJ believes will be important over the next 12 months.

The most important trend he discussed was ‘bridge jewellery’ – jewellery which is neither costume nor fine. He said this sector of the market is growing significantly and will continue to grow right the way through to 2020.


As consumers are now spending that little bit more on non precious jewellery, ‘bridge jewellery’ presents the perfect opportunity for retailers to reach millennials.

In addition to this, he said consumers are mixing and matching fine jewellery and precious jewellery, commenting: “They may wear something precious next to a piece for Accessorize.”

He added: “The line between fine and costume is becoming more and more blurry. We are definitely seeing growth in both areas. It is very much about the self expression.”

Focusing on sub categories, when it comes to bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings the stacking trend continues to be dominant. The stacking style is very much about personalisation, and consumers are mixing and matching pieces to express themselves.

In fine jewellery, rings continue to be dominant – as driven by the bridal market.

Hamilton also shined a light on ear jackets, saying this trend has showed strong sales, and diamonds with a little bit of a twist as the industry steadily sees a growth in baguettes and square cuts.

Elsewhere,  he says a new take on lockets has been emerging for a while, but now with Pandora introducing it to its range, this trend will continue to be on the rise.

In terms of the stacking style, Willie Hamilton also highlighted that consumers are stacking rings across the hand, rather than on the finger.