Chief executive says he has no plans to move on from buying group.

Willie Hamilton has said that he intends to stay on as chief executive at buying group The Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) for at least the next five years.

Hamilton said that he has no intention of looking for another job and is committed to sticking with the buying group.
He said: “Unless the board sack me, I have no intention of leaving the CMJ.”


It is usually de rigueur for chief executives to join a company, build it up and then move on to another project, but Hamilton has stressed that this will not be the case for him.

He made this statement during a session dubbed Grill Willie at the recent CMJ UK Jewellery Conference in Birmingham, allowing visitors to the conference to anonymously submit questions which he answered on stage in an interview session led by the BBC’s Bill Turnbull.

During the session Hamilton also confirmed that the CMJ would launch a training programme within in the next two years.