While people sign up to receive Professional Jeweller’s daily news alert and monthly magazine to hear about all things jewellery, it appears there is a time and a place to focus on the trade after Wimbledon viewers slam a commentator for commenting on a ring during the title match.

During the longest-ever Wimbledon final, BBC commentator Andrew Castle made a remark about finalist, Roger Federer’s, wife’s ring.

As Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic played for the title in the men’s singles, Castle suggested that Mirka Federer’s wedding ring was an expensive piece, as cameras zoomed in on her during the tense match.


Castle commented: “Doesn’t look like costume jewellery, does it, on the finger?”

Although jewellery professionals may have appreciated the commentator pointing out some jewellery during the match, viewers were not at all happy and blasted Castle on social media.

One Tennis fan said: “You’re paid to comment on the tennis, not Mirka’s jewellery.”

Another put on Twitter: ““If you can’t commentate constructively on the tennis, then keep quiet. No need whatsoever to comment on the value of Mirka Federer’s jewellery.”

Someone else warned that pointing out the expensive piece on her finger to the public could have put her in danger.

The social media user said: “Not impressed that A Castle feels it’s appropriate to comment on Mirka Federer’s jewellery. None of his business [& drawing attention to her -risky]. He’s meant to be commentating on this final.”

While opinions on social media is usually split, the overall majority felt the remarks were simply “inappropriate”.

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