Gemex - AW18

Gemex has been going from strength to strength this year, with the supplier winning the prestigious Fine Jewellery Brand of the Year accolade at the 2018 Professional Jeweller Awards after trade professionals came out in force to back the diamond jewellery supplier. Now the company can add Bridal Jewellery Collection of the Year to its list of achievements too.

While many praise the company’s customer service, and easy-to-use consumer-facing app, it is the products that lie at the heart of its success.

New for 2018, Gemex introduced a fresh selection of solitaires with diamond adorned shoulders.


By marrying quality with an extensive online inventory, retailers are able to show consumers pieces in store, and let them know the sizes and qualities available for the particular mount they are after.

Gemex also extended its halo offering, and responded to consumer demand by adding additional three-stone designs.

Competition in this category was tight, but Gemex won in the final hours with 35% of the votes.