WINNER: Engagement Rings PJCOTY 2015, Cred Jewellery for Grace

The engagement ring category of Collections of the Year attracted some intense voting but Cred’s Grace collection emerged victorious with a substantial 40.7% of votes.

The Grace collection ticks several boxes straight off the bat – it has been created using ethically sourced materials, it offers customers more sparkle for their money and it has some very accessible price points. What more can you ask for from a commercial engagement ring collection?

Grace was launched earlier this year and comprises seven elegant designs, all made in Fairtrade gold and set with fully traceable Canadian diamonds. Rather than diverting all the customers’ budget to one large central stone, Grace uses smaller diamonds in clever ways to create maximum sparkle whilst keeping price points below £1,000.

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The collection, which is available in white or yellow gold, features rings with diamonds set in cluster and halo formations that create that big diamond look when viewed from afar. Cred’s expert goldsmiths have also used techniques such as millegrain and pavé to reflect as much light as possible to ensure even more sparkle.



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