WINNER Ethical Jewellery: Floral Fragments by Natalie Perry Fine Jewellery

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New British fine jewellery brand, Natalie Perry Jewellery, launched this year with the striking debut collection, Floral Fragments.

Crafted in 18ct Fairtrade gold filigree and adorned with white diamonds and coloured gemstones, the range has been inspired by disintegrating murals that embellish the walls of ancient Indian temples where the designer, Natalie Ball, once lived.

Each piece is designed by Natalie, and then handcrafted in the UK by expert jewellery artisans, from ethically sourced 18ct certified Fairtrade Gold.

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People have praised the collection for being “unique”, “feminine”, and “versatile” — qualities which has set Natalie Perry Fine Jewellery in a strong footing for a bright and successful future.

Designed to be interchangeable and collectable, the versatile collection comprises necklaces, pendants, earrings and ear jackets — the latter being a hero piece, which had press talking in the September London Fashion Week show.

Natalie Perry Fine Jewellery may be new to the scene, but it’s certainly got a strong following already, as is shown by the debut collection storming to victory with over a quarter of the votes.

We here at Professional Jeweller look forward to seeing new designs from this talented designer as she continue to champion ethics without compromising on design.

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