Cred Jewellery - Macdesa

Cred Jewellery has always been a leader in ethical jewellery, and last year the brand launched lab grown diamond adorned engagement rings, which have been extremely well received.

Taking its ethical ethos to the next level, Cred Jewellery now crafts its pieces from Fairtrade metals, and uses lab-grown stones which cut out diamond mines all together and make the products 100% traceable.

The Macdesa collection was created in honour of the women working in the mining communities where the company’s gold comes from – Peru – and are named after three members of that community.


The whole line is made of 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, sourced from the Macdesa mine, and lab-grown diamonds, but consumers can opt for 18ct Fairtrade white or rose gold as well.

This category was extremely close throughout the whole week the live poll was open. In the end, there could only be one winner though, and Cred Jewellery stormed ahead to win this accolade with over a quarter of the votes.