WINNER: Pearl Jewellery PJCOTY 2015, Sarah Ho for Pearlesque

This new collection by Sarah Ho fuses the tradition of pearl jewellery with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

The hollow, lattice-like 18ct gold spheres in the Pearlesque collection have been created using Protofusion, an innovative new type of microcasting. By using a 3D printer with a microcasting implant, Protofusion can create intricate shapes that would have been impossible to include in a commercially viable collection a decade ago.

The Pearlesque collection falls under Sarah Ho’s Couture line of high-end jewellery, and the metal work has been studded with diamonds. The necklace in the collection has a detachable pendant that allows it to be worn in two styles; a necklace in the style of a traditional string of pearls, or a longer version with the cross-shaped pendant that matches the style of the earrings in the collection.

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It was a close call in the competitive pearl category this years, but Sarah Ho raced ahead to win 42.4% of the total votes.


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