WINNER: Wedding Band PJCOTY 2015, Polly Wales for Pinched

The wedding ring category in Collections of the Year was the most fiercely fought, with all brands selected by the panel of buyers to face the public vote remaining neck and neck throughout.

Inching ahead at the final moment was Polly Wales with a final score of 25.2% of the votes for its Pinched collection that caters for the growing alternative bridal market in which there has been a real vogue for unusual diamonds this year – rough cuts, slices, dark colours.

These rough-and-ready gems allow brides to stand out from the crowd whilst still partaking in the tradition of having an engagement ring set with a diamond. Polly Wales has a wonderfully unorthodox selection of wedding bands that star her trademark technique of casting gemstones directly into precious metal using the technique of lost-wax casting.

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The Pinched collection includes handmade yellow gold wedding bands dotted with diamonds with unusual facets, such as rose cuts or miner’s cuts. The colours selected include pear-shaped fancy-coloured yellow diamonds and white diamonds with visible inclusions; one ring has been decorated with grey diamonds, although the covering of gold makes them barely visible.

Completely perfect imperfections – what a great sentiment to start a marriage with.



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