British gang carried out £1m bullion raid in Belgium.

 A woman has been cleared at the Old Bailey for conspiracy to launder proceeds of crime, after two gold bars fell from her bra while she was being frisked by police.

Sheron Mancini and her partner were stopped by police near Antwerp last October, following a £1m bullion raid in Belgium that had been carried out by a British gang.


She was frisked by police and two gold bars, though to weigh about a kilogram in total, fell from her bra. She told them she had no idea what they were made from and had panicked. She denied having special pockets built into her underwear to hide the bars and said she knew nothing about the robbery.

Mancini, from Essex, has now been cleared while her partner David Gale is one of six men who have admitted conspiracy to rob. Another of the six men is David Chatwood, the step-father of Billie and Sam Faiers, stars of TV show The Only Way is Essex.

Police are said to have found Brian Mulcahy locked in his van in Belgium with a missing cargo of 25kg of gold bullion and 150kg of silver bars. Mulcahy was found to be the “inside man”, with his statement to police – which is thought to have included blaming Eastern Europeans on the crime – found to be entirely fictional.