Independent retailers may need to cut staff numbers in 2011

New figures find that women would rather go without make up than jewellery when leaving the house.

59.5% of women would rather be seen without make-up than jewellery, according to a worldwide survey commissioned by

The survey was put to 17,285 customers in 51 countries, and revealed that jewellery makes consumers feel confident.


A short survey conducted in the JewelStreet head office showed that the most popular pieces of jewellery to wear everyday were rings, closely followed by earrings and necklaces.

The marketing manager of JewelStreet said: “It was exciting to find that more women would rather leave the house without make-up than jewellery, we’re delighted that our customers value the way that jewellery makes them look and feel.

“We strive to discover beautiful designer jewellery that means something to our customers and makes them feel bold and confident. We think that jewellery transforms your look and I wouldn’t be seen without mine.”