Women value jewellery over a pension

Public values jewellery and cars more than savings reveals new report.

It is good news for retailers, as a Standard Life report has revealed that women with both jewellery and a pension fund care more for their jewellery, at 45 percent, than their pension, at only 41 percent.

In contrast, men were shown to care almost as much about their pension, at 51 percent, as they did about their car, at 52 percent.

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The lack of interest in financial assets did not just apply to long term savings products such as pension funds. Over half the population, at 53 percent, claimed they would need to have over £10,000 in any type of savings before seeking advice on how to invest.

Of those with a fund, almost a quarter, at 23 percent, admitted they didn’t care about their pension, whilst just over one in four said they never thought of it and 32 percent said they did not know how their fund was invested.

Standard Life head of customer management Mark Polson said: “Our car and the jewellery we have at home are some of the most important assets we possess. It’s time to reality check our attitudes to saving.”



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