The CEO of the World Gold Council, British Aram Shishmanian, speaks during a round table on the gold mining perspectives, in the framework of the Tenth International Gold Symposium, in Lima on May 14, 2012. AFP PHOTO/CRIS BOURONCLE (Photo credit should read CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/GettyImages)

The World Gold Council has begun the search for a CEO following the news that Aram Shishmanian will step down from his position next year following a decade in charge.

The WGC hope that by getting the recruitment process underway earlier, they will be able to ensure a smooth transition as Mr Shishmanian isn’t scheduled to depart until the second half of 2019.

Under his leadership, the market development organisation has promoted fundamental changes to gold policy in key markets such as China and India, as well as setting new standards in areas such as responsible gold mining and Shari’ah compliant gold investing.


During his time as CEO, the organisation has helped modernise market infrastructure to make gold a mainstream financial asset. It has also introduced new gold investment products to enable gold ownership to become ubiquitous.

Mr Shishmanian said: “The World Gold Council plays a pivotal role in increasing demand and expanding the market around the world; it has been a privilege to lead it. Over the past decade we have witnessed; central banks increasing their allocations to gold, the shift from West to East as Asian markets have grown rapidly, and an increasing number of investors turning to gold to enhance their financial security.

“Looking ahead, the World Gold Council has never been more needed. It is a powerful force in our industry, seeking to increase demand for gold, protect gold’s value and relevance on the global stage.”

David Harquail, chair of the World Gold Council, paid tribute to the impact that his colleague has had on the industry, stating: “Aram’s vision for the World Gold Council has transformed it into a highly influential organisation, breaking down barriers and developing a more dynamic and effective gold market globally. Aram enjoys strong support from the Board, and we thank him for his constant energy and commitment.”