Designer working with minerals sourced from around the world.

Jewellery designer Jayce Wong is set to unveil her latest range,  the Mineral collection, at IJL – a year-long project that has finally borne fruit.

Wong says she will launch the Mineral collection in several series, with each series celebrating a different gemstone, including diamonds, tourmalines, haematite, lapis and spinel.


The collection is based around each gemstones’ properties, its history, how it is traded, cut and has been traditionally used in jewellery design.

Wong said: “The inspiration behind the collection are the gems themselves and the design of the pieces are there to enhance the different hues, phenomenon and characteristics of each gem, instead of overpowering it.”

The first series will feature hematite and will be unveiled at IJL, with the stone set in silver, with 18ct gold vermeil and rhodium plating, with white topaz and black spine accents.

“I’ll also document my trips to different trade shows around the world as part of the project,” said Wong.

“So far I’ve Chile for Lapis Lazuli, New York and Antwerp for diamonds. I’m interested in how gems are mined, cut and traded and how they were traditionally used and how I can create something new and contemporary with these gems. “

The new project will be an ongoing process for Wong.